“Great Lovecraft spirit and a very unique hero. I cannot wait for future volumes and hope to see more people enjoy this work.”

                                                                                  ~ Ted

“This book was a great read ... I liked the crazy old man. He was a compelling hero, which is not something you find in a lot of Lovecraft derived works today.”

                                                                                                ~ Seth A.T.

“This is the most engaging work of modern Lovecraft Mythos fiction that I have read ... It's hard to put down. If you like Mythos fiction, you are likely to finish it in one reading.”

                                                                                                       ~ Brett C.

“I enjoyed this so much, I left what is my first Kindle review, and came back to the page trying to find out when the next volume is coming out.”

                                                                                        ~ Jowell

Journal No. 3  (1916)

Cult of the Bulwer-Lytton Colony

Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches

GALLERY 1        ~        GALLERY 2        ~        GALLERY 3

“This book is an excellent story of an investigation within the cosmic horror milieu ... the story is solid, well-told, has many teasers for future stories, and has a nasty stinger.

~ Julius W.

“...some gritty and dark stuff ... not for the faint of heart.”

~ St. Louis AudioPhile

“...an impressive accomplishment ... a mature expedition into the underworld of cults and cultists ... an unvarnished look ... into the history and motivations of various cults aligned with various Mythos entities.”

~ Ancient History

Journal No. 4  (1922)

Cult of Cold Stone Lake

“...a cluttered but fun read ... littered with vignettes hinting at the wider universe ... pulpy, occasionally humorous, yet streaked through with cosmic dread...”

~ N. Brownlow

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