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“Great Lovecraft spirit and a very unique hero. I cannot wait for future volumes and hope to see more people enjoy this work.”

                                                                                  ~ Ted

“This book was a great read ... I liked the crazy old man. He was a compelling hero, which is not something you find in a lot of Lovecraft derived works today.”

                                                                                                ~ Seth A. T.

“This is the most engaging work of modern Lovecraft Mythos fiction that I have read ... It's hard to put down. If you like Mythos fiction, you are likely to finish it in one reading.”

                                                                                                       ~ Brett C.

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“I enjoyed this so much, I left what is my first Kindle review, and came back to the page trying to find out when the next volume is coming out.”

                                                                                        ~ Jowell

As the last surviving member of the ill-fated Assembly, I hereby set down these discourses and dissertations on the forgotten Ten Thousand Churches and their hidden theologies. Herein do I detail the Assembly's encounters with the Ten Thousand and its multifarious congregations -- both the legendary and the lesser-known -- as well as the awful nature of the followers’ sordid and sundry ceremonies, rites, and rituals, so far as we understood them: their ancient origins and histories; their symbols, sigils, sacraments and idols; their implements, apparatuses and cultores of worship; their weapons of warfare; their arcane works of literature, architecture and artistry; their unholy allegiances, intercourse and collaboration with other obscure ranks of inhuman worshippers, as well as the locations and descriptions of their myriad temples, shrines and ceremonial centers. So, too, do I specify the numerous, unsettling, ass-puckering incidents wherein the Cohorts' dædal and diabolical efforts very nearly succeeded were it not for the Assembly's own informal efforts to confound that devilry whenever and wherever we found it: Tunisia, Libya, and the Nile Valley wherein lie the vast majority of the witch cults of the Faceless Unliving Phæraoh Nyarlathotep (blessings be upon His name); Central and South America which are infested by the sex cults of Shub-Niggurath; Albania, Greece and Macedonia and the mystery cults of Yog-Sothoth the One-Between-All; Indonesia, Malaysia, and Oceania and the manifold maritime covens dedicated to Great Cthulhu, Father Dagon, and Ratu Gavuuthoa; Abyssinia, Somaliland, Iraq and the Arabian Desert wherein dwell the Great Ghul-Hordes; India and Burma in which hide the dread thuggee of Azathoth the Dæmon Sultan; Alaska and Siberia and the far-flung sects of the White Walkers; Australia’s blackfellows of the Great Race and the First Sleepers; Canada and North America’s servants of the Outer Ones and the Uraggai ... and so on, and so on.


Journal No. 3  (1915)

Cult of the Bulwer-Lytton Colony

Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches

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