This treatise takes place in the harshest, deadliest, most unforgiving environment on earth: the Arctic (second only to the Antarctic). According to investigator Franklin Mackenzie Keyes, it is a bleak and ghostly environment designed by Creation for the sole purpose of ending human life.

      Keyes meets Professor Müller Levkoev and a small group of Arctic researchers at Fort St. Michael in Norton Sound, Alaska. From there the group travels to a small research compound 60 miles inland, to a place that Levkoev calls “Cold Stone Lake.” Known among the Yup’ik as Tuttutuqtuqiq (roughly meaning “eats caribou”), Cold Stone Lake is protected by pitiless cult guardians . . . some of which are human, some of which are not. . .

Both print and ebook versions of BLACK SANDS: Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches, Journal No. 4 will be available through Amazon Books. As usual, the print version will contain numerous illustrations, character portraits,  diagrams, maps, and other material not found in the ebook version.