The second treatise in the CTTC series discusses another lesser cult in the Lovecraftian Mythos: the Cult of the Promised Land, an aberrant, deviant sect comprised of only three cult devotees -- brothers, sorcerers, and escaped Negro slaves who worship the Great Old One Qolob. To fulfill the requirements of holy scripture, the three brothers are assembling (ensorcelling and abducting) a large number of young women in order to create a harem of cult hetairai, temple prostitutes with whom the brothers will abscond to an empyreal realm far beyond earth and the known universe. Investigator Franklin Mackenzie Keyes and a small group of Assembly investigators pick up the cultists’ trail in Martha’s Vineyard in 1911, following them through New England, Texas, and New Mexico, the chase finally ending in a demoniac, deadly climax at the site of a strange geographic feature in the Arizona Territory...

Both print and ebook versions of BLACK SANDS: Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches, Journal No. 2 are available through Amazon Books. The print version, however, contains numerous illustrations, character portraits,  diagrams, maps, and other material not found in the ebook version.

Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches

~  Journal No. 2  ~