Second Edition of CTTC, Journal No. 1 is the book RM308 wishes we’d produced and published at the beginning. New artwork! New layout! Same stories! Same crotchety old lancer!

Narrated by cult investigator Franklin Mackenzie Keyes, this treatise discusses two lesser cults in the Lovecraft Mythos: the Cult of the Vision Serpent, a perennial sect of oracular revelation in South America, and the Cult of the Dragon Whisperers, an extinct sect of alchemist-sorcerers hidden deep within Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

The perfect bound print version of BLACK SANDS: Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches, Journal No. 1 (2nd Edition) is available through Amazon Books and contains numerous illustrations, character portraits,  diagrams, maps, and other material not found in the ebook version. Journal No. 1 (first edition) is still available as a Kindle ebook.