~ Monday, July 1st 2019

    To say that the release of Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches, Journal No. 2 is overdue is a gross understatement. It’s embarrassing. Damned embarrassing. Excuses are unacceptable and I hate making them for any reason at any time. However, if I had to offer some kind of explanation, I would cite declining health and hospitalization, not to mention the devastating loss of a beloved family member. Repeated apologies to RM308’s faithful readership.

    With the release CTTC Journal No. 2 comes the final printing of CTTC Journal No. 1. The “special” Introductory Edition of Journal No. 1 will not be available after this last run. Second Edition will take its place, which will (hopefully) be available later this year and feature an expurgated (“exorcised” according to RM308 staff) revision of the graphic novelette “Betrothed.” Second Edition is intended to appeal to a larger audience that has expressed interest in an “R-rated” version of the novelette.

    As for CTTC Journal No. 3, the book will not be as ambitious as Journal No. 2. RM308 will not attempt another hefty, overwhelming project such as Cult of the Promised Land (334 pages). Leastwise anytime soon. We’ve become critically aware of the need to keep each treatise in the Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches series moderate and manageable. Work on Journal No. 3 is underway. With any luck, it will only be months rather than years until the book is ready for publication and sales.

    Again, apologies all around.

~ Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

    Reception of CTTC Journal No. 2 was unexpected and extraordinary! Thank you! Thank you!

Blair E. Reynolds

author ~ illustrator ~ editor