Best known as the founding cover artist for Pagan Publishing’s The Unspeakable Oath, Blair Reynolds’ illustrations have also appeared in The Mysteries of Mesoamerica, The Realm of Shadows, The Walker in the Wastes, and the Delta Green Sourcebook. Reynolds has rendered numerous assignments for Chaosium Inc.’s Call of Cthulhu , including The Stars Are Right! and Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, as well as Game Designers’ Workshop’s MegaTraveller in various publications such as Knightfall, Solomani & Aslan, The Rimward Races, The Flaming Eye, Challenge Magazine and The MegaTraveller Journals #1-3. His first published independent work was the 1996 graphic novel Black Sands.

Selections of his work can be viewed in the website Gallery:

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Blair E. Reynolds

author ~ illustrator ~ editor