The Original Graphic Novel

The original Black Sands, featuring the story “Betrothed,” was a B&W graphic novel independently published by Blair E. Reynolds in 1996.

Distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. together with Pagan Publishing and Room 308 Graphics & Publishing, copies of Black Sands found its way into Canada, the UK, Mexico, Australia, and even Honduras.

Explicit in content, Black Sands was the artists’s first solo attempt to render an unflinching, uncensored representation of the Lovecraft Mythos through his own eyes, undiluted by the “Hello Kitty Cthulhu” culture of modern-day social and its moral sensibilities.

The full illustrated story of “Betrothed” is no longer available in print. However, selected illustrations from the work appear in the 2nd edition of Catalogue of the Ten Thousand Churches, Journal No. 1.